29 April 2013

Nalanda Bulletin Issue No. 15

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21 April 2013

Pindacāra (Alms-round) in Seri Kembangan

On Saturday, 20 April, Nalanda organised a Pindacāra in the Seri Kembangan market for the first time as a form of public outreach and education.  This is part of a series of alms-rounds that Nalanda will be organising there to provide a chance for people to meet and offer alms to monks on a regular basis.  Read more

18 April 2013

Nalanda JB Branch Pro-tem Committee Elected

Nalanda Buddhist Society Johor Bahru Branch achieved an important milestone on Sunday, 14 April.  The inaugural meeting of the Pro-tem Committee was held under the chairmanship of  Bro. Yap Chong Huat. The meeting was also attended by Honorary Secretary Sis. Buddhini Tan, representing Nalanda’s Board of Management, 3 Board Members, and 4 other Nalanda officers. Read more

17 April 2013

Youth Centre Sunday Dhamma Discussion

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10 April 2013

‘Nalanda Macro’ Plenary Session

On Sunday, 7 April, Nalanda leaders had a plenary session to discuss Nalanda Macro 2014-2015Nalanda Macro is an important document published annually which outlines the programmes and objectives of all divisions and departments for the ensuing period. This plenary session was facilitated by Honorary Secretary Sis. Buddhini, and attended by the President, Deputy President, Treasurer, Members of the Board, Divisional Directors, and Heads of Departments.

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9 April 2013

‘Nalanda Day’ Celebrations

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6 April 2013

Junior Dharma School Stay-in Programme

Over a three-day period from 26 – 28 March, Nalanda Dharma School organised a Stay-in Programme for our junior students from the Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur (KL) branch.  As part of the stay-in, the students had an outing to the KL Bird Park, lunch at Lake Gardens, and visited the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB).   Read more

31 March 2013

Visit by Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia and Buddhist Reborn

On Sunday, 31 March, members of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia and Buddhist Reborn visited and spent the day at Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang. It was a full day of friendly discussions as we got to know each other better and exchanged information and ideas related to Buddhism. Read more

30 March 2013

Dhamma Talk by Luang Por Dumrong and Luang Por Jundee

Supatipanno Bhagavato Sāvakasangho. Of good conduct is the Order of the Disciples of the Blessed One.

Nalanda is honoured by the visit of Luang Por Dumrong, Luang Por Jundee and Tan Ajahn Moshe on 30 March. The venerables are from the Thai Forest tradition and disciples from the late Ajahn Chah lineage.

Luang Por Dumrong and Luang Por Jundee delivered an inspiring Dhamma talk in Thai, which was translated into English by Tan Ajahn Moshe. The key message was on how one can nurture faith in the Buddha-Dhamma through right understanding and diligent practice, while keeping it all very clear and simple. Devotees were uplifted by the beautiful Dhamma, and inspired by the compassion and wisdom of the venerables. Sadhu! Read more

29 March 2013

Career Talk for Youths

On 17 March 2013, a career talk with the topic “Plan Your Education and Career Now” was held at Nalanda Centre. The speaker, Mr. Lok Eng Hong, pointed out that the world is ever-changing very quickly. We should keep up with the news every day and be competent to cope with the rapidly changing market demands. Employers can interpret a person’s character by merely viewing the first page of one’s resume.  Read more