21 October 2013

One-day Meditation Camp for UPM Students

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22 August 2013

A Wholesome Holiday

Nalanda Dharma School students had a stay-in programme from 15 – 17 August during the recent school holidays. Over 3 days, 22 young participants practised living and learning as a community. Along with daily chanting and meditation, there were regular Dhamma sessions with Sis. Sunanda Ong, Director of Nalanda Dharma School. Read more

20 August 2013

Joy Lingers for Camp Participants

9 days after Nalanda’s inspiring “Dhamma-Living Camp” in Genting Highlands, the joy still lingers on for the camp participants.  With a renewed spirit and greater understanding about our spiritual development, we are eager to cultivate ourselves to be ‘better practitioners’ and ‘better friends’!

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12 August 2013

Back from camp with joy and inspiration

“Truly inspiring!”  That was the most oft-repeated comment by many participants at the Dhamma-Living Camp. After 4 days of joyous communal living, the 120 participants returned from Genting Highlands with renewed source of energy and a heightened sense of urgency to ‘live in accordance to Dhamma’.

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6 April 2013

Junior Dharma School Stay-in Programme

Over a three-day period from 26 – 28 March, Nalanda Dharma School organised a Stay-in Programme for our junior students from the Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur (KL) branch.  As part of the stay-in, the students had an outing to the KL Bird Park, lunch at Lake Gardens, and visited the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB).   Read more

30 January 2013

Nalanda Hemanta Retreat 2013

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12 December 2012

Nalanda Children’s Learning Camp 2012

6 – 9 December

How often do you get to experience LOVE for 4 days continuously?  61 children of the recent “The Fruits of Metta” Children’s Learning Camp experienced unconditional love during their stay in at Nalanda Centre from 6 – 9 December 2012.  The camp aimed to impart the important message of love and also to expose participants to the practice of patience, endurance and mindfulness.

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14 May 2012

Teenagers’ Learning Camp

15 – 18 March 2012

Teenagers Learning Camp

Aimed at imparting a joyful learning spirit in teenagers as well as strengthening their desire to seek knowledge, a 4-day 3-night camp themed “Joy of Learning” was held during the school holidays in Nalanda Centre. A myriad of activities such as challenging station games, mind-blowing ‘detective hunt’, captivating dharma talks and group discussions had successfully fired up their enthusiasm to learn more!

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13 May 2012

Children’s Learning Camp

12 – 14 March 2012

Children’s Learning Camp

Being “farmer-for-a-day” was a humbling yet invigorating experience for some 46 children aged 9 to 12 during an outing organized by Nalanda Dharma School, which was part of a 3-day children’s learning camp.

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30 January 2012

善苗萌心田 – Children’s Learning Camp

善苗萌心田 - Children’s Learning Camp

Squeals of laughter filled the air as the little ones, no more than 12 yearsold, gingerly held a milk bottle to a cutelooking calf which stood at almost their own height! The 44 young participants aged 10 to 12 were learning hands-on to care for animals and the surrounding environment, during an outing to the Animal Farm, one of the highlights of the 3-day Children’s Learning Camp.

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