29 May 2020

The world is changing; but is it only now?

The term ‘new norm’ is the latest catchphrase around, as people come to terms with the need to turn our comfort zone inside out, to control the global Covid-19 pandemic.  You may know someone who said with a heavy sigh, “Life as we know it will never be the same, the world is changing…”.

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12 May 2020

Happy ‘International Nurses Day’

‘International Nurses Day’ is observed on 12 May every year; the date was chosen because it was the birthday of Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910).  In the past, it was an occasion that came and went without much notice. But under the shadows of a global pandemic this year, it is finally celebrated with the recognition it deserves – with significant appreciation and gratitude for the toils and sacrifices of nurses worldwide.

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10 May 2020

Mother’s Day message

Many folks celebrate Mother’s Day with food, drinks and giving presents. However, the hype and over-commercialisation of the occasion caused some people to feel that it has lost its true essence. How can Buddhists celebrate Mother’s Day more meaningfully? In this message, Bro.Tan outlines three simple values that can make this occasion far more meaningful. Watch this video to find out. Happy Mother’s Day!

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10 May 2020

Happy Mother’s Day

To mother,
the giver of life,
the centre of my world when I was young,
a provider of nourishment and love,
a courageous shield for my safety,
a vigilant protector during my heedless moments,
a teacher and nurturer, a tireless helper,
a true friend in joy and sorrow,
the light of my heart:

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7 May 2020

“Night of Togetherness in Dhamma”

We invite everyone to participate in a special programme to celebrate ‘Buddha Day’ spiritually. Join us on “Facebook Live” for the following highlights of the event:

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5 May 2020

Nalanda ‘Buddha Day’ Message

Tranquility in the face of Uncertainty

Message by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama, Chairman of Nalanda Education Committee

On behalf of Nalanda Buddhist Society, I would like to pay tribute to all venerable Sangha members, Dhamma teachers, Buddhist community leaders, and benefactors of the Buddha-Sāsana everywhere.

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1 May 2020

Celebrating Nalanda Buddhist Society’s 17th Anniversary

Message by Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn Chow.

Today is ‘Nalanda Day’, the day the Society was founded.  It is a time for us to celebrate by paying tribute to our Dhamma teachers, benefactors, members and volunteers who enable Nalanda to carry out its unchanging Mission of providing holistic education.  The progress that we see today is a concrete reflection of the spirit of the community that comes together and stays together through the years.

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22 April 2020

Please make everyday ‘Earth Day’

Today, we observe the 50th anniversary of ‘Earth Day Celebration’ in a subdued mood due to the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic.  The world is sick; millions of people are under quarantine, and billions more are confined to their dwellings.  So instead of going outdoors to plant trees, we are left to do what we can for Mother Earth from our homes.

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15 April 2020

Cultivate the mind to be really safe

Today, we are beginning the third phase of the ‘Movement Control Order’ in Malaysia which will last until 28 April.  Since 18 March, the whole country has effectively come to a halt with very few economic activities, and no physical social and religious gatherings allowed at all.  Despite our best efforts, the number of infections is still trickling upwards every day.  Perhaps a more determined testing regime and earlier isolation of potential patients are measures which the authorities should take seriously.

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10 April 2020

Temporary closure extended in tandem with MCO

Today, 10 April, the Prime Minister announced the extension of the ‘Movement Control Order’ (MCO) in Malaysia until 28 April 2020.  Following this, we would like to announce that Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang and our branch centres in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Sungai Petani will also remain closed until the lifting of MCO.

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