7 April 2020

Heartfelt “World Health Day” message

Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan gives a heartfelt message of deep appreciation to all health-care workers around the world. We salute their dutiful service on this poignant celebration of “World Health Day” 2020.

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7 April 2020

Let’s salute health-care workers around the world

Message by Nalanda Founder, Bro.Tan

7 April of each year is designated as “World Health Day”.  It is heart-breaking, and extremely challenging, that we celebrate the 2020 edition facing the most serious global contagion in modern history – the Covid-19 pandemic.

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6 April 2020

Keep everyone safe with compassion

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage nations across the world causing nearly 1.3 million infections and 70,000 deaths to date.  More than half of humanity is under lock-down with orders to stay home.  The scale of devastation of this epidemic is unprecedented in human history.

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30 March 2020

Stay apart, but keep close to heart

As of today, the Coronavirus has infected more than 725,000 people worldwide, and claimed the lives of 34,000 victims.  In Malaysia and many other countries, authorities have urged everyone to self-quarantine at home, to wear face-masks, and to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet or 1.8m from another person to prevent community spread of the disease.

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1 January 2020

Happy 15th Anniversary to Nalanda Dhamma School

The School started here in Sri Serdang with 40 students on 2 January 2005, in a small house previously known as Nalanda House just across the road.  The name “Nalanda” means ‘the giving of knowledge and wisdom’.  Hence the School aims to continue the noble tradition of providing quality and holistic education to the younger generation of Buddhists, by imparting them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and most importantly, religious and moral values.

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31 December 2019

New Year’s Eve Message from Nalanda Buddhist Society

On this night of 31 December, we are very happy to have so many good friends here to complete the year of 2019 and welcome 2020 in a meaningful way.  In this last hour of the year, let us take some time to reflect on how we have spent our time, and see if it was well spent. What have we given our time to, what have we neglected?  Is there any time spent that we have just a little regret about, or maybe a lot of regret about?

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4 October 2019

Progressing together at Members’ Day

On 29 September, Nalanda members from Sri Serdang and Kuala Lumpur Branches gathered to encourage one another to strengthen our Dhamma practice in the monthly Members’ Day.  Founder Bro. Tan was invited to address the gathering, where he updated members on the development of Wisdom Park.

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19 May 2019

‘Buddha Day’ Message B.E.2563

Living Compassionately towards Peace and Harmony

The Full-moon day of Vesakhā month on 19 May is known as ‘Buddha Day’, and marks the beginning of Year 2563 of the Buddhist Era.  For Buddhists, ‘Buddha Day’ is not meant to be celebrated with merry-making.  This auspicious day is observed most meaningfully when Buddhists use the occasion to purify our minds, to reflect on the meaning and purpose of life, and to find out how we can achieve true happiness in our daily lives with the practice of Dhamma.

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6 May 2019

‘Selamat Berpuasa’

The month of Ramadhan starts today as Muslims fast daily from dawn to dusk.  This practice of restraint, modesty, and renunciation is not just with regards to food, but also concerns conduct, speech and thoughts.  Nalanda wishes our Muslim friends a blessed Ramadhan Al-Mubarak filled with peace, harmony and joy.  ‘Selamat Berpuasa’ dan Salam mettā.

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10 March 2019

Tragic air crash in Ethiopia

A scheduled Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi crashed shortly after it took off this morning, at around 8.44AM local time.  The Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft was carrying 149 passengers and eight crew members.  As of press time, there were no news of any survivors.

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