26 January 2016

Dhamma Living Camp 2016

Nalanda’s inspiring Dhamma Living Camp is back by popular demand!  This unique camp is tailored for those who wish to learn and understand what it means to “live in accordance with Dhamma”.  Among the highlights of the camp are insightful Dhamma teachings by Bro. Tan, mindful meditation, and relaxation activities.

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19 January 2016

Youths attend meditation retreat

Nalanda Youth Centre started the New Year with a one-day meditation retreat on 9 January. 126 youths from Malaysia and overseas gathered for the retreat which was guided by Nalanda founder, Bro Tan.  The participants benefited from the spiritually uplifting event and agreed that it was a great way to start the New Year!

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14 November 2015

Dhamma Retreat in Kedah

On Saturday 31 October, Bro. Tan conducted a Dhamma Learning retreat at Gurun Buddhist Association, organised by the Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch.  In the one-day retreat attended by 72 participants, Bro. Tan gave insightful teachings about Citta (the mind) and Dhamma (the Way).  Bro.Tan said that when we understand Citta, we will understand how we operate as human beings.  Then, knowing the Dhamma will prevent us from doing wrong and motivate us to do what is right.

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13 November 2015

Dhamma School facilitators’ retreat

On 7 November, facilitators from Nalanda Dhamma School (NDS) gathered at Mangala Lodge, Kampar, to enjoy a well-deserved four-day break from their daily routine, away from the bustle of city life.  The annual retreat was fun yet educational, and a time to review the School’s progress as well as chart its course for next year.  Facilitators from Kelantan, who were members of the Dhammarakkhitta group, also joined their Nalanda counterparts at the retreat.

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1 November 2015

Meditation retreat for UPM students

On Sunday 25 October, a group of 30 undergraduates from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) held a meditation camp at Nalanda Centre. The one-day retreat, from 10am to 10pm, was led by Venerable Bhikshuni Ji-Chi (继持) and Venerable Bhikshuni Chi-Xiang (持向).

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24 October 2015

Talks in Sungai Petani, Kedah

While on a visit to Sungai Petani last month, Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan was invited to deliver two talks – one at Central Kedah Buddhist Association (吉中佛教会) on 16 September, and another at Sammāditthi Meditation Grove on 18 September.  In essence, Bro. Tan spoke about ‘Dhamma practice’ – what does the term ‘practice’ mean?  What are the objectives of ‘practising’?  And what are the fruits and realization of proper practice?

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26 July 2015

One-day Dhamma Retreat with Bro. Tan

On Friday 17 July, 38 ‘kalyana mitta’ (spiritual friends) from Kedah had a meaningful day, participating in the “Dhamma Learning Retreat with Bro. Tan”.  In line with the theme of the retreat “Being a Good Practitioner and Good Friend”, Bro. Tan explained  the meaning of Essential Education, the difference between ‘Dhamma’ and Buddhism, the characteristics of Buddha-Dhamma, the path of Buddhist practice: ‘Sila, Samadhi, Pañña’ and how to cultivate to become a good practitioner and good friend.

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15 May 2015

First Service Sunday of ‘Gimhāna’ Retreat

Beginning Sunday, Nalanda will observe its 4th ‘Gimhāna Retreat’ lasting 7 weeks – from 17 May to 1 July.  The Annual ‘Gimhāna Retreat’ focuses on one’s spiritual growth and personal transformation effected through the Dhamma.  During this period, everyone is encouraged to commit to progressive Dhamma learning and deeper spiritual cultivation.

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12 May 2015

7-week Annual Gimhāna Retreat begins 17 May

For the fourth consecutive year, Nalanda will hold its 7-week Annual Gimhāna Retreat from 17 May to 1 July.  Gimhāna Retreat focuses on one’s spiritual growth and personal transformation effected through the Dhamma.  During this period, everyone is encouraged to commit to 7 weeks of intensive Dhamma learning and spiritual cultivation.  Dhamma teachings and meditation sessions are arranged at Nalanda Centre every Wednesday, Sunday and Uposatha (New-moon and Full-moon) Day.

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23 December 2014

Nalanda Youths’ Fuel-up camp

Over the weekend from 28 – 30 November, Nalanda Youth officers went to Bagan Lalang for their first retreat titled ‘Fuel-Up Camp’.  During the three-day retreat, they ‘fueled-up’ on energy and spirit to gear up for next year.

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