23 May 2014

Dialogue with PATRIA in Jakarta

As part of the programme for their official visit to Jakarta, Nalanda officers met up with the Executive Committee of PATRIA (“Pemuda Theravada Indonesia”) for an interactive dialogue session on Saturday, 3 May.  PATRIA is a national body representing Indonesian Theravada youths; it has branches and activity centres in many provinces throughout the country.

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23 May 2014

Joyful realization of BFI House, Jakarta

This Wesak month must be a very significant one for members of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia (BFI) as they celebrate Buddha Day (or ‘Hari Waisak’ in Indonesia) at their marvelous new ‘home’ – the BFI House.  After 8 years of operating from rented premises, BFI has moved into their delightful and welcoming new centre located in Kelapa Gading District, North Jakarta.

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15 May 2014

‘Selamat Hari Waisak’ 2558/2014

Today, Buddhists throughout the vast archipelago of Indonesia celebrate Holy Waisak Day.  Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia would like to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to all Sangha members and Buddhist devotees in Indonesia.  May the anniversary celebrating the Enlightenment of our Great Teacher the Buddha galvanize us towards right effort and determination in finding peace within ourselves, and harmony in our communities.

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7 May 2014

Nalanda Officers visit Tzu Chi Indonesia

In conjunction with their official visit to Jakarta at the invitation of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia (BFI), Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan, officers led by Bro. Tong Siong Yeow, and their host the BFI Committee, visited Tzu Chi Foundation’s newly-established centre in North Jakarta.  They were met at Tzu Chi by the country’s head of operations, Bapa Hong Tjhin.

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18 November 2013

Inspiring Dhamma-connections in Indonesia

Bro. Tan was warmly hosted by the Buddhist Fellowship of Indonesia (BFI) for 3 days, where he conducted Dhamma sharings and attended many meetings with BFI Committee Members. There were many precious, inspiring moments when people were connected to the Dhamma through those sharings and meetings.

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26 October 2013

Amazing Buddhist Women of Indonesia

During his most recent tour to Indonesia, Bro. Tan took time to visit a few amazing ‘Srikandis’* in Maribaya and Klaten.  Bro. Tan first paid tribute to Venerable Bhikkhunis Ayya Santinī and Ayya Sīlavatī in Maribaya, West Java, last Wednesday.  Both Ayyas are currently the only two Theravadin bhikkhunis in Indonesia.  They conduct many meditation retreats annually at their centre, as well as travel extensively throughout the vast country to teach Dhamma.

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25 September 2013

Mesmerising Tour to Borobudur

43 devotees departed for Jogjakarta, Indonesia, on 18 September with keenness and great anticipation.  Under Bro. Tan’s adept guidance and care, the 5-day study tour was truly informative and inspiring as we visited and paid homage at magnificent Buddhist monuments in the region. We also met with local Buddhist communities and had uplifting exchanges in the Dhamma.

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31 March 2013

Visit by Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia and Buddhist Reborn

On Sunday, 31 March, members of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia and Buddhist Reborn visited and spent the day at Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang. It was a full day of friendly discussions as we got to know each other better and exchanged information and ideas related to Buddhism. Read more

17 July 2012

“Manado Mission” fulfilled!

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15 July 2012

Study Tour to Borobudur & Yogjakarta

6 – 10 July 2012

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