Nalanda Bulletin Issue No. 20

15 March 2014

Nalanda Bulletin Issue No.20

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12 March 2014

Inspiring Gathering of Members at the 11th AGM

Reported by Joanne Tan and Gan Jia Cheng.

The 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia was successfully held on Sunday 9 March, at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.  The meeting was well attended by members, who discussed the Society’s development in 2013 and the plans for the coming year.  The mood however was quite subdued, as members are mindful of the ongoing national concern caused by the disappearance of flight MH370 just the day before.

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7 March 2014

Another “F.U.N.” session for youths

Article by Celestine Chan

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6 March 2014

Ajahn Chah Book Series at Pustaka Nalanda

On Wednesday 5 March, Pustaka Nalanda (Library) received the latest set of Chinese translations on the Teachings of Ajahn Chah, published by Dhammavamsa Publications.  The late Venerable Ajahn Chah (1918 – 1992) was a well-known Buddhist teacher in the Thai forest tradition.  He gathered around him a large cluster of disciples and students – Thai and foreigners alike – who have since propagated the Dhamma to the far corners of the world.

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5 March 2014

Chinese-Language Facebook page launched today

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5 March 2014

Inspiring Workshop on ‘Samatha’ and ‘Vipassanā’

Nalanda Institute successfully concluded the 2-day “Samatha & Vipassanā Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop”, held on 1 and 2 March at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  The workshop saw an overwhelming turn out beyond the targeted 100 participants.  Seasoned meditators traveled from near and far to learn from the experienced and knowledgeable teacher, Āyasmā Aggacitta.

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4 March 2014

Group Visits by Sangha Members

On Saturday 1 March, Nalandians welcomed Āyasmā U Ottamasara together with twenty monastic and lay devotees to Nalanda Centre.  Āyasmā U Ottamasara, the abbot of Thabarwa Meditation Centre in Yangon, Myanmar, was impressed with the aesthetic design and peaceful ambience of Nalanda Centre.  He was also happy with Nalanda’s impactful educational programmes.

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2 March 2014

Inaugural General Meeting of Johor Bahru Branch

The first Annual General Meeting of Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch was successfully held today at NEO Centre Johor Bahru.  At the meeting, members elected a team of leaders that retained the key officers – Chairman Bro. David Yap, Deputy Chairperson Sis. Angie Ng, Branch Secretary Sis. Ong Ai Geok, and Branch Treasurer Sis. Vivienne Ng.

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25 February 2014

Inaugural AGM for Sungai Petani Branch

The inaugural Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was successfully held on Saturday 22 February, at Cinta Sayang Resort, Kedah.  At the meeting, members elected a Management Committee to lead the branch for the next two years, headed by Chairman Bro. Khaw Seng Giap and Deputy Chairman Bro. Teoh Soon Liang.  Sis. Sumedha Lee is the new Branch Secretary, while Bro. Por Lee Tee was elected the Branch Treasurer.

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24 February 2014

Dhamma Session with Ajahn Karuniko

On Wednesday 19 February, we were delighted to have Ajahn Karuniko guiding us in meditation and to deliver a Dhamma talk on “Mindfulness”.  After the evening Pūja and chanting, Ajahn skillfully guided the devotees for an hour’s meditation.  After which, Ajahn shared about the importance and benefits of calming our minds through meditation.

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