26 January 2017

Delightful day of discovery

Nalanda Youth Centre began the New Year with a joyous ‘Day of Discovery’ on Sunday, 8 January.  After an introduction to Nalanda by host Bro. Jie Sheng, the youths participated in a series of games which allowed everyone to bond and get to know one another better.

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29 December 2016

Alternative way to celebrate birthday

7 December marked the 89th birthday of the most Venerable Dr. Henepola Gunaratana Nayaka Thero, a highly-regarded speaker, meditation teacher, and senior prelate in North America.  Nalandians and devotees took the opportunity to gather after the weekly meditation session to recite verses of blessing dedicated to him.

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18 December 2016

Dr. Phang’s latest book launched at Nalanda Centre

Report by Chan Jia Xin.

On Sunday 16 October, Dr. Phang Cheng Kar launched his latest book titled ‘NOW: Who wants to learn MINDFULGym? 12 Mindful Tools for Stress Reduction & Wellness’ at Nalanda Centre.  Representatives from various Buddhist organisations such as the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia, Seck Kia Eenh Melaka, Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society, Sungai Long Buddhist Society and Nalanda Buddhist Society were present to receive complimentary copies of the book.

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8 November 2016

Who wins? Who loses?

While the world is gripped in suspense on the outcome of the fiercely-fought U.S. Presidential Elections, it is opportune for us to reflect on the timeless truth of the Buddha’s teaching:

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7 November 2016

Finding one’s life purpose

On Sunday 4 September, Nalanda youths invited Sis. Paruadi to talk about finding the purpose of life.  Sis. Paruadi said that the purpose of life can be discovered after deep reflection on one’s own potentials, inclinations, and personality.  Knowing one’s purpose of life brings fulfilment and ignites the passion within.

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11 October 2016

Commemorating Prof. T. W. Rhys Davids

On Sunday 4 September, the Director of Pustaka Nalanda Bro. Ananda Fong gave a talk on the contributions of Professor Thomas William Rhys Davids (1843 – 1922), founder of the Pāli Text Society (PTS) based in London.  This was part of Pustaka Nalanda’s programme to commemorate historical personalities who had contributed significantly to the propagation of Buddhism over the last century.

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8 October 2016

How long can humans live?

Researchers say humans have reached limit of lifespan

In a report published in the journal ‘Nature’ and reproduced by CNN, researchers suggest that humans are reaching the natural biological limit of our lifespan, and cannot expect to live beyond a certain age.

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3 October 2016

Dhamma sharing on Uposatha Day

It was full-moon Uposatha Day on Wednesday, 17 August, and Nalanda Centre hosted an evening Dhamma sharing by Sis. Sandy Lim.  She shared what she learned recently from Ayasma Aggacitta on the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’.

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27 May 2016

Significance and meaning of Wesak ‘Buddha Day’

On Sunday 15 May, the Head of Department at Nalanda Institute Bro. Tong Siong Yeow, gave a talk on the ‘True Significance of Wesak’.  It was a timely reminder of what the celebration of ‘Buddha Day’, which fell on 21 May, actually means.

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23 May 2016

Monthly Pindacāra well-received at OUG

On 7 May, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch organised the monthly Pindacāra education programme at Taman OUG and Happy Garden.  Nalanda’s people-engagement team went around the market areas to create awareness among stall-holders and members of the public on the significance of the practice.

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