4 May 2020

Creative videos on mental well-being

The Buddha’s teaching is centred upon understanding suffering and overcoming it.  For this ‘Buddha Day’, Nalanda Dhamma School students came up with a creative “virtual exhibition” using Doodle Art targeted at children and teenagers.  Themed “Happy Mind Happy Life”, the exhibition aims to promote mental well-being, and offer tips on how to develop our minds to a healthier state.

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12 February 2020

Joy of Gratitude at ‘Tea-offering Ceremony’

Last Sunday 9 February, devotees, volunteers and Dhamma School students gathered at Nalanda Centre to participate in the “Tea-offering Ceremony” and Gratitude Day.  This annual tradition is hosted by Nalanda Dhamma School and is an opportunity for us to express our appreciation to our parents, teachers and elders for their support and care.

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4 February 2020

Dhamma School alumni and youths return to their spiritual home

In the past two weeks, Nalanda Dhamma School alumni and youths studying and working overseas have been visiting Nalanda Centre to pay their respects to teachers and reunite with good friends.  Most of them had travelled back to Malaysia for their semester breaks and holidays in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.  Nalandians joyfully welcomed them back to their spiritual home and exchanged the latest news.

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3 January 2020

Celebrating 15 years of holistic education

On 1 January 2020, Nalanda Dhamma School celebrated its 15th anniversary with utmost gratitude to our founder, Bro. Tan, and all benefactors for their selfless support.  Since its inception, the School has focussed its efforts in performing the ‘Miracle of Education’, with the theme ‘The Heart of Education is Education of the Heart’ as its guiding philosophy.

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3 January 2020

Gratitude at Dhamma School Honours Day

On 31 December 2019, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, students and their parents, alumni, volunteers and guests gathered at Nalanda Centre for the annual School Appreciation and Honours Day.  This annual event celebrates the learning and progress of students throughout the year, and also serves to give thanks to teachers and parents who supported their learning.

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1 January 2020

Happy 15th Anniversary to Nalanda Dhamma School

The School started here in Sri Serdang with 40 students on 2 January 2005, in a small house previously known as Nalanda House just across the road.  The name “Nalanda” means ‘the giving of knowledge and wisdom’.  Hence the School aims to continue the noble tradition of providing quality and holistic education to the younger generation of Buddhists, by imparting them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and most importantly, religious and moral values.

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31 December 2019

Dhamma School celebrations tonight and tomorrow

For the past weeks, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students have been preparing for their event of the year – the Dhamma School Appreciation and Honours Day.  Join us at 7pm tonight 31 December as facilitators, students and parents come together to express their appreciation for the dedication and commitment to learn Dhamma, and to celebrate the contributions and progress made by students.

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24 December 2019

Dhamma learning at Stay-in Camp

Last weekend, from 19 to 22 December, over 80 Dhamma School students were immersed in the Dhamma as part of the School’s stay-in programme at Nalanda Centre.  Themed ‘Heart to Heart’, Nalanda Dhamma School Director Sis. Sunanda and the School’s facilitators led students of ages 9 to 17 in various activities to learn, study and practice the noble teachings of the Buddha.

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19 December 2019

‘The Happiness Equation’ at Kelantan Dhamma Camp

From 13 to 16 December, 120 teenagers gathered at Wat Machimmaram, Kelantan for a Dhamma learning camp themed “The Happiness Equation”.  This is the 10th camp in 8 years co-organised by Persatuan Peranakan Cina Kelantan, Persatuan Meditasi Mettarama Kota Bharu, Dhammarakkhita and Nalanda Dhamma School.  Campers were introduced to components of true happiness which is experienced by one who is free from craving and with kind thoughts for oneself and others.

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9 December 2019

Teenagers’ Learning Camp in Johor

From 28 November to 1 December, 80 campers gathered at Pure Karma Buddhist Centre in Ulu Tiram, Johor for Nalanda Teenagers’ Learning Camp themed ‘Step Up’.  During the camp, participants learned about the meaning of taking refuge in the Three Jewels, and also about the Buddha’s inspiring life.

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