3 December 2013

Bhāvanā Day with Ayya Susīla

On 1 December, Ayya Susīla led the Bhāvanā Day (one-day meditation retreat) at Nalanda Centre.  After the morning Pūja, Ayya Susīla delivered a profound and inspiring Dhamma talk themed “Returning to the Purity of Mind”.  Ayya shared that one should not just focus on having clarity of mind, but also its purity through the cultivation of morality and wisdom.

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2 August 2013

Bhavana Day with Ayya Susila

Bhavana Day was concluded with an atmosphere of peace and joy on 28 July.  45 participants attended the 3-day meditation retreat held at Nalanda Centre.  The yogis were inspired by Ayya Susila’s simple yet profound Dhamma teachings, as well as her clear and meticulous meditation instructions.

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12 August 2012

Power of the Mind

4 & 5 August 2012

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9 May 2012

Bhavana Retreat


Bhāvanā Retreat


7-day 6-night Meditation Retreat at Nalanda Centre

Start :  Sunday, 3 June 2012, 2pm
End  :  Saturday, 9 June 2012, 5pm

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15 January 2012

Bhavana Day

25-27 November 2011

Bhavana Day

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