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4 July 2012

Enshrining the Buddha’s Relics

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3 July 2012

Introducing the Pāli Tipitaka

The Pāli Language was derived from a Prakrit (folks’ dialect) of Magādha in ancient India. Its grammar is similar to those of Sanskrit and Latin. Pāli was chosen as the language to rehearse and record the Buddhist teachings at the First Rehearsal (Sangāyana) in 543 BCE. Pāli is unique among languages in that it is not used for any other purpose except to record Buddhist doctrines. Thus the meanings of its words were not ‘corrupted’ by common usage or ‘evolution’ over time.

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3 July 2012

The International Buddhist Flag

The Buddhist Flag was first hoisted in Sri Lanka on Wesak Day (28 April) in 1885, when the country was still under colonial rule.  The majority Sinhalese Buddhist population then felt discriminated against by the colonial authorities when carrying out their religious activities, as well as pressurized by relentless evangelism. The Buddhists needed an icon to peacefully rally around, and hence, the Buddhist Flag was initiated.

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2 July 2012

Buddhism in Malaysia

“The Buddha had exercised a profound influence on human civilization, and his teachings and example had provided the ethical and moral underpinnings of many societies. His teachings were based on the law of release from suffering, leading to spiritual enlightenment.”

United Nations
General Assembly
54th Meeting, 2000.

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang
Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas

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1 July 2012

Buddhist Traditions

Vairocana Buddha. Bronze.
Restored during Edo period, 17th Century CE
Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan.

Buddhism is a major world religion that developed from the teachings of the Buddha-the Awakened One. It is a uniquely insightful practice that is not based upon beliefs in divinity nor reliance on others for one’s salvation; but on developing right understanding and living a virtuous life to gain liberation from suffering.

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1 July 2012

Nalanda Institute’s 5th Anniversary

1 July

1 July 2012 marked the 5th Anniversary of Nalanda Institute Malaysia. We were very grateful for the presence of our Founding Director, Bro. Tan Ho Soon; Director, Mr.Vijaya Samarawickrama; and Senior Management Lecturer, Mr. Tan Huat Chye, on this anniversary observance day.

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30 June 2012

Thank you for supporting Ven. Yogavacara Rahula’s Dhammaduta Tour

Venerable Yogavacara Rahula has concluded the one-month Dhammaduta Tour in Malaysia 2012.  Many devotees throughout the country have benefited and experienced progress from Ven. Rahula’s clear meditation guidance and insightful Dhamma talks.

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29 June 2012

A Night of Rosy Fulfilment

23 June 2012

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28 June 2012

Social Harmony

19 June 2012

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27 June 2012

Purifying through Perfections

The following are Bro. Tan’s teachings on 17 June 2012, the Fifth Gimhāna Sunday, summarised by Sis. Faith Teh.

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